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We have a wide range of innovative brand classes that we teach ranging from beginners, mind body, HIIT, dance, Indoor cycling, abs and more!

There really is something for everyone

Equipment and equipment free

We use a range of equipment such as balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, gliders, steps and more but provide plenty of equipment free also!

List of classes

Step into your power and feel confident with the support of Studio Live.
Be the fittest, strongest and healthiest version of YOU.


Perfect for beginners, this fun workout is for all fitness levels and a great way to get your steps up!


Aimed at peri/post and menopausal women.


Seniors Strong™

Seniors low impact and fun workouts to great music

Fitness Pilates

Using the principles of traditional pilates delivered in a modern style.

Lift Lean™

Group strength training exercise to music workouts.


Improve joint health with Mobility workouts choreographed to music.

Sit Fitness

Seated workouts for all levels of fitness.


Mindful movement and meditation.

Express workouts

Get your workout in 15 minutes!

Activation Band

Using the fabric resistance bands.


Relax and unwind with our meditations.

Bike Beats

Indoor cycling to upbeat music.

Strength and Conditioning

Daily Strength and conditioning classes with and without equipment.

Dance Fitness/ Aerobics

Fun dance workouts for all levels.

Step workouts

Step fitness classes.


Using the barre principles for exercise to music.


Group fitness class designed to improve balance and coordination.

Cardio Funk

Low impact dance fitness for all abilities. 


High intensity and low intensity interval training.


Functional Legs bums and tums.


Gentle mobility workouts to improve your day to day movement.



Body weight workouts.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Click on the title of the workout in the “classes” tab to view the recording any time after the live.

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