Join the Walkfit and Wellbeing Starting MONDAY

Join the Walkfit and Wellbeing Starting MONDAY 

Ready to get moving?

Join my  

Walkfit™ and Wellbeing 90 Day Challenge

What is it?

A 15 minute Daily Walkout™ Class every day 

Plus Wellbeing Tips 

How do you share the Wellbeing Tips?

Share  Wellbeing  Tips As We Walk & Talk #walkandtalktips

Every day on the Walkfit‹ class  I share a Wellbeing tip and we chat about in while walking.

Month 1 

Healthy Eating Nutrition Tips, Accountability & Motivation

Month 2

Stress Management, Hormones and Sleep Tips

Month 3 

Mental Wellbeing, Looking Healthy – Beauty Tips, How to have more energy, Positivity & Happiness (Emotional Health)

How many steps can you do in 15 minutes? 

It’s usually 2000.

What time are the classes? 

There is a NEW Walkfit class every day that is taught live at 6am am GMT, but you can access the replay and do it at ANY TIME.

Do I need any special equipment?


Who is it for?

Everyone who needs a FRESH START in fitness and wants to get started with a gentle and FUN programme Perfect if you are just getting started or have had an injury or medical condition.

When does it start?

Officially on Monday, 8th January. BUT you can sign up now and get access to WALKFIT classes RIGHTAWAY at no extra cost.

How Much Is It

EARLY BIRD is £57 for the full 12 weeks of Walkfit Classes and Wellbeing Coaching during the Walk & Talks 

Ready to book?


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