7 day Menofit™ Mobility Programme

Are you ready for my 7 Day Menopause MenoFit™ Mobility Challenge ??

Are you peri menopausal or in menopause and feel pain and stiffness if your joints?

Is that stopping you from exercising?

Join my specialist 7 day Menopause Mobility Challenge

Join me for 7 x 15 minute MenoFit mobility workouts

plus 7 day recipe ideas and handouts


Keeping your joints mobile and increasing your range of motion is important during the menopause years as they stiffen up with hormonal changes.

Here is the timetable:

Day 1 Full Body Mobility

Day 2 Knees & Ankles

Day 3 Spine

Day 4 Shoulders & Upper Back

Day 5 Hips and Pelvis

Day 6 Full Body

Day 7 Full body 2