Lift Lean Beat the Bloat

Lift Lean beat the bloat 7 day programme- weighted workouts and nutrition for 7 days

  • Daily Nutrition Video to follow Day by day
  • Daily Lift Lean Workout


Monday 12th Feb

6am Walkfit

630am Target Zone

930am  Core Training

On Demand

Barre and Balance

Tuesday 13th Feb 

6am Walkfit

630 Bootcamp

930  Power Fitness Fitness Pilates

On Demand

Beginners Basics Fitness

Wellness Wednesday

Wed 14th Feb 

6a Walkfit

630 Upper Body – Arms, Back, Core, Shoulders

430 Calisthenics – All levels

5pm 15 Minute Abs

On Demand

How to cut down your sugar intake

Thurs 15th Feb 

6am Walkfit

630am Endurance

330pm Flex with Towel Mobility

4pm 15 minute LEGS

On Demand

Summer Sit Fitness

Fri 16th feb 


630am Super Sculpt

930am Fitness Pilates Advanced Max The Mat

On Demand

Seniors Fusion

Sat  17th Feb 

630am Walkfit

7am Lift Lean StrengthWorks


Basic Aerobics Kelly

Sunday 18th Feb  

7am Walkfit

730  Fitness Pilates Weighted Workout




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