Join me for 7 days of Walkfit™

HALF PRICE only £10 for 7 Days 

Are you ready to get FIT & Healthy?

Do you want to start with a low-impact and low-intensity WALKFIT™ workout of only 15 minutes per day?

Check out my NEW WALKFIT™ and Wellness challenge and join me for 15 minutes per day, either LIVE or do the class recording, PLUS daily nutrition and health tips. The recordings are available for you to do at any time on catch up.

What is Walkfit™?

A 15-minute indoor walking class set to amazing music and taught by International Presenter Rachel Holmes. You don’t need any equipment, only your phone to access the workout.

How many steps can you do in 15 minutes?

On average 2000 steps.

What time are the classes?

There is a NEW Walkfit class every day that is taught live at 6am am GMT, but you can access the replay and do it at ANY TIME.

Do I need any special equipment?


Who is it for?

Everyone who needs a FRESH START in fitness and wants to get started with a gentle and FUN programme.