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Studio Live is a library of live and real time workouts and classes you can do at home

LIFT LEAN 7 Day Programme Starts on SUNDAY 


Join the new 7 Day LIFT LEAN Programme



Join Me for FLEX  Strength Week starting Monday 14th August 

Improve your Mobility, Flexibility and Strength 

Plus Healthy Eating Every Day 


Monday 14th August 

6am Walkfit Run Club

630am Flex Cardio 

730am Seniors Strong Functional Strength 


Tuesday 15th August

6am Walkfit Weights 

630am Flex Strength 

7pm Strengthen your knees, ankles and Toe-Ga 


Wednesday 16th August

6am Walkfit Pop

630am Flex Endurance

7pm Happy Healthy Hips 


Thursday 17th August

6am Walkfit Motown 

830am HIIT Mash UP 

630am Flex interval 

7pm Fitness Pilates Tri Plane 


Friday 18th August

6am Walkfit Disco 

630am Flex Triple Challenge


Saturday 19th August 

6am Walkfit™ techno 

630am HIIT Mash up 2 

Gain full access to the Studio Live library for 7 days for £17