Studio Live Timetable February

Saturday 3rd February 

*630 WALKFIT LIVE 30 minutes LIVE with Rachel 

715am Fitness Pilates Power with Gliders/Towel 

ON demand 

WALKFIT House Music 15 minutes 

Foot and Ankle 10 minute – Fitness Snacks  On Demand

Basic Aerobics & LBT  

Sunday 4th  February 

630 – 7am WALKFIT 30 LIVE with Rachel 

715 The Foam Roller Workout 

8pm Elevate on ZOOM 

On demand 

WALKFIT House Party 45 minutes

Monday 5th February 

6am Walkfit 

630am Power Bands Strength & Conditioning

930am Standing Fitness Pilates 

ON demand

Mon 5th Feb Wellbeing Workouts 20minutes Core with kelly 

Tuesday 6th February

6am Walkfit 


930 Sit Fitness Fitness Pilates on ZOOM 

ON demand 

Upper Body on The Stability Ball 

Wed 7th Feb Wellness Wednesday

6am Walkfit 

630 Freaky 40’s



Hormones- Menofit™  

Balancefit & Block Body Conditioning 

Thursday 7th Feb

6am Walkfit

630am Mind Body Concentrated Conditioning 

930am HIIT Cycle 

ON demand MENOFIT Midsection meltdown

Friday 8th Feb 

6am Walkfit 

630am EMOM Total Body Workout 

On Demand

Fri 8th Feb Wellness 20minute Power Pilates with kelly 

Saturday 9th Feb 

630am Walkfit 30 minutes 

7am Run Club, Stretch  & Core 

On demand

Holistic Strength 

Sunday 10th Feb 

7am Walkfit 30minutes 

730 Dumbell Workout 50:10

8pm Elevate on ZOOM 

On Demand 

Dynamic Stretch 

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