The Fitness Show – FLEX Interval Triple Challenge

The Fitness Show – FLEX Interval Triple Challenge 🌈WHAT IS FLEX?🌈 ✔️F L E X Is a strength, mobility and flexibility class for today’s lifestyle. ✔️F L E X covers the theory and the research on stretch techniques and how to apply this to your F L E X Class including: 🟣Dynamic stretching. 🟣Active stretching. 🟣Passive 🟣Static stretching. 🟣Isometric stretching. 🟣PNF stretching. Following with the choreography and class components which include progressive mobility, light weights, spiky ball and foam roller routines. ✔️The Flex training includes: 🟣F L E X Training recording. 🟣F L E X Manual 🟣Graphics, Branding, Marketing & Press Release 🟣How To Create A Facebook Frenzy and Launch Formula step by step. 🟣All on an online training dashboard to start your learning today. ✔️Learn more:

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