New Fitpro Membership and timetable

We are now launching a new STUDIO LIVE FITPRO membership where for 12 weeks you can access every new classes per week – 21 classes a week plus access to the full back catalogue. You will never be stuck for class ideas again

Check out the upcoming Timetable for the next week:

Thursday 25th April

6am Disco Walkfit & StepFit

630am Slow Strength & Mindful Mobility On DEMAND

The 3 S’s Strength, Stamina and Stretch


Sunday 28th april

Sunday 28th april 7am Walkfit

Sunday 28th april 730am Fitness Pilates Weighted Power

Sunday 28th april 8am – 815am Express Body Conditioning with Long Band

Monday 29th April 

Monday 29th April  6am Walkfit

Monday 29th April  630am Lift Lean™

Monday 29th April  915am Tranquility Stretch with Yoga Blocks

Tuesday 30th April

Tuesday 30th April 6am Walkfit

Tuesday 30th April 630am Met Con

Tuesday 30th April 430pm Calisthenics

Wednesday 1st May 

Wednesday 1st May  6am Walkfit

Wednesday 1st May  630am Cardio Resist

Wednesday 1st May  830pm Bedtime Brainfit™ Breathwork

Thursday 2nd May 

Thursday 2nd May 6am Walkfit

Thursday 2nd May 630am Slow Strength

Thursday 2nd May 915am Run Club

Friday 3rd May 

Friday 3rd May 6am Walkfit

Friday 3rd May 630am Step Strength

Friday 3rd May 915am Gentle  Fitness Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions

Saturday 4th May 

Saturday 4th May  6am Walkfit

Saturday 4th May  630am Fitness Pilates Hips & Thighs

Saturday 4th May  7am Activation Band Express


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