Studio LIVE CLASSES THIS WEEK Week Commencing 4th March


We have another exciting week of classes and masterclasses this week  featuring myself and the Guest Presenter Rising Stars

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Daily Classes Live Streamed & Available On Demand 

Your digital group Exercise Timetable 

Theme for the Week Is HAPPY HORMONES – Daily Tips On How To Optimise Your Hormones.

Monday 4th March 

6am Walkfit™

630am Pyramid Workout

930am Fitness Pilates Posture Project 


Tai Chi Presented by Hilary from Northern Lights Fitness 

Tuesday 5th March 

6am Walkfit™

630am  HIIT MashUp 

930am Strengthen your knees, Hips & Ankles using Mini Balls & Tennis Balls

On Demand

Beginners step 

Wednesday 6th March – Wellness Wednesday 

6am Walkfit™

630am Slow Strength 

430pm Latin Low Impact  dance aerobics 

On Demand

Lift Lean BARRE 

Thursday 7th March 

6am Walkfit™

630am Supersets 

945am Dynamic Core Part 3  with Stability Ball 

On Demand

Guest Presenter Kelly 

Fitness Pilates Bands V Weights 


Friday 8th March 


630am Step Intervals 

On Demand

Abs, Hips & Glutes 

Saturday 9th March 

630am Walkfit™ 

7am Lift Lean Kettlebell Fusion 

On Demand

ABS 360

Sunday 10th March 


8am Stability Ball Total Body Conditioning 

On Demand 

Guest presenter Tracy Byrne Classical Pilates 

Plus Daily Nutrition & Wellbeing Tips 

Daily Motivation and Positive Mindset

Who Is Studio Live For?

YOU! If you love creative& unique Classes 

YOU! If you want improve your health and wellbeing and be coached by Rachel & Top Presenters 

YOU! If you are an instructor looking for new ideas of your own classes.

YOU! If you are in Corporate or  HR and looking for a Fitness & Wellbeing Solution for employees


There are Several Membership Options 

Join the full timetable for 7 days click here 

Join As A Walkfit™ Member Only  click here 

Join the Full Timetable As A Monthly Member click here Sunday Prep For A Great Week Ahead.

Today is about being Organised, Planned and Prepped for the week ahead.

1:Drink 2/3 Litres of water – take your water bottle with you tomorrow.

2:Have you planned and prepped your food for the day – 3 Healthy meals, Lean protein tons of veggies.

3:Can you get your workout clothes ready for the morning and get ready for a early night?

4:Is your home and workspace clean and tidy?
It really helps prevent overwhelm and a chaotic mind when your space is uncluttered.

5: Have you pencilled in your workouts with me for the week?

6:Use your journal to chart your feelings as we get ready for a good night sleeo and get ready for a healthy, happy week ahead.

Lets GO!!!

Questions? Whats App 07976 268672 

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