Week 2 June Challenge

We have had a great 1st week on the June challenge and here we go with week 2… here is the plan:

Week 2  Cross Training Week – New Workouts To Try every day 

Monday 10th June  Nutrition Challenge -Prioritise Protein

6am Walkfit & Arms using weights

630am Lift Lean Cross Training Workout 


70’s & 80’s Disco Fit 

Tuesday 11th June

6am Walkfit Power 

630am Flex Mobility & Strength bring a towel and weights 

On Demand 

Yogalates  scheduled

Wednesday 12th June

Womens Wellbeing Workshop

6am 60’s Walkfit

630am LBT with Activation Bands 

On Demand 

Core On The Ball 

Thursday 13th June

6am Walkfit Run Club 

630am Met Con 

On Demand 

Dance Fitness 

Friday 14th June

Friday 14th June 6am Walkfit 

Friday 14th June 630am Super Sculpt 

On Demand 

Latin Aerobics & LBT 

Saturday 15th June

6am walkfit 

630am Fitness Pilates Flow 

715  Express 50:10 Body Con

Sunday 16th June

Sunday 16th June 7am Walkfit 

Sunday 16th June 730  Deep Stretch Tranquility 

ON Demand 

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