21 Masterclasses – Class Ideas & Choreography this week


21 Masterclasses – Class Ideas & Choreography

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Monday 13th May 

6am Walkfit 

630am Lift Lean Triple Challenge 

915am -9635am Cardio Interval – Skipping and Strength 20 minute – Skipping Rope if you have one

Tuesday 14th May 

6am  Walkfit

630am Body Burn 360

430pm YogaLates 

Guest Presenter On Demand 

Kelly Lift Lean Superset 

Wed 15th May 

6am Walkfit

630am EMOM 

4pm – 420pm LIFT LEAN EXPRESS with Long Bands 

Thursday 16th May 

6am Walkfit 

630am Mind Body Strength & Mobility 

Guest Presenter

Kelly Reed Fitness Pilates Standing 

Friday 17th May 

6am Walkfit 

630am Cardio Resist 

On Demand 

Seniors Dance, Low Impact, Joint Stability and Falls Prevention 

Saturday 18th May 

6am Walkfit 

630am Mind Body Intervals 

715am Basic Aerobics with Kelly 

Sunday 19th May 

7am Walkfit 

730am Fitness Pilates Mini Ball 

8am Lift Lean Kettlebell Express 

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