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We have a wide range of programmes on sale RIGHT NOW, access right away online and includes access to the live studio live timetable too- don’t miss out!

Join the 5 day Menofit Midsection Meltdown focussing on the midsection in a short 5 day challenge, including:

–Shopping list and meal plan

–5 Days of Access to Studio Live workouts and online library

–Unlimited access to the online 5 day course of nutrition talks

7 Day Menofit Bootamp CLICK HERE

Join the 7 day Menofit™ bootcamp and get:

  • Daily Health Fitness & Nutrition Information
  • Access to 21 Different online classes to choose from in the studio live timetable.
  • Timetable TALKS: Menofit™ Weight loss Menofit™ Nutrition Menofit™ Motivation Menofit™ Midsection Meltdown Menofit™ Symptoms and Solutions.
  • Menofit™ Healthy Tips & Habit Change
  • Includes 7 days of access to studio live live classes
7 Day Menofit Midsection Meltdown CLICK HERE


Menofit™ Midsection Meltdown 7 day online programme

*Are you Peri menopausal, menopausal or post Menopausal and want to get your fitness and nutrition back on track focussing on your midsection?

Join the 7 day Menofit™ Midsection Meltdown and get:

Daily 15 minute Menofit Workouts
Daily Health Fitness & Nutrition Information
NEW 7 day Meno menu PDF
Daily check in and accountability
All on an online dashboard with live check in’s

Includes 7 days of access to Studio Live class timetable

7 day Menofit™ Mobility Programme CLICK HERE


Are you ready for my 7 Day Menopause MenoFit™ Mobility Challenge ??

Are you peri menopausal or in menopause and feel pain and stiffness if your joints?

Is that stopping you from exercising?

Join my specialist 7 day Menopause Mobility Challenge

Join me for 7 x 15 minute MenoFit mobility workouts

plus 7 day recipe ideas and handouts

Keeping your joints mobile and increasing your range of motion is important during the menopause years as they stiffen up with hormonal changes.

Here is the timetable:

Day 1 Full Body Mobility

Day 2 Knees & Ankles

Day 3 Spine

Day 4 Shoulders & Upper Back

Day 5 Hips and Pelvis

Day 6 Full Body

Day 7 Full body 2

Lift Lean Beat the Bloat CLICK HERE


Lift Lean beat the bloat 7 day programme- weighted workouts and nutrition for 7 days

  • Daily Nutrition Video to follow Day by day
  • Daily Lift Lean Workout ( weighted strength training workouts)
  • 7 days access to studio live classes once you sign up
  • You will need dumbbells/ kettlebells for this course.
Get Active 14 Day Menofit programme click here



Get Active 14 Day Menofit programme

7 minute Get Active Workouts for Beginners

Are you struggling to get started on your fitness journey?
Are you feeling low in confidence with fitness
Are you struggling with an injury or coming back to fitness after an illness
Have you got a medical condition and need to take it slower?
Are you menopausal?Join my Get Active Menofit™ Programme For Beginners
And start today

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